• 1215 West Anderson Lane, Austin, TX
  • (512) 374-0055 (English/Spanish)
  • After Hours Line: 1-800-712-4357 (English Only)

About Austin LifeCare


With the compassion of Christ, Austin LifeCare transforms lives through education and services that empower life-affirming choices regarding sexual activity and pregnancy.


We envision a community that embraces the God-given value of human life.


• Compassion in all circumstances
• Respect and encouragement for each individual life
• Confidentiality
• Empowering and accurate information
• Model the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Austin LifeCare (ALC) was founded in 1984 with the vision of serving the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of women and families who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. Since that time, ALC has grown to include an influential character and sexuality education program which teaches in the schools throughout the Austin area, as well as an After Abortion Care Program offering support and information to those who have been affected by abortion. Austin LifeCare is a Christian faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing compassionate and trustworthy service to the Austin community. ALC seeks to promote positive solutions to the challenges surrounding unplanned pregnancies through prevention, intervention, and restoration.


In 1989, ALC launched the Austin LifeGuard Character and Sexuality Education program in local public schools, teaching character and empowering abstinence-until-marriage with dynamic interactive presentations. Austin LifeGuard is the leading local resource providing practical guidance for students, educators and parents regarding sexual risk avoidance, reaching over 12,000 students each year. Austin LifeGuard also offers Parent Workshops designed to empower parents of teens with practical tools and information on topics such as adolescent sexual health, media, internet pornography, and communication tools.


LifeCare Pregnancy Services meets the needs of women, men, and their families, who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. All services are provided free of charge. Help is available 24-hours a day through a confidential help line. LifeCare Pregnancy Services provides education about pregnancy, abortion procedures, adoption and parenting. LifeCare also provides limited ultrasound services, Childbirth and Parenting classes, mentors (PALS), and material assistance (clothing, baby items, etc.). LifeCare serves as a resource for community referrals in order to meet needs for medical care, living accommodations, emergency food, domestic violence services, support groups, and much more.


The Austin LifeChange program provides support for the spiritual, emotional, and psychological effects that can occur after an abortion, sexual abuse or miscarriage experience. As the healing from each of these is so different, LifeChange offers separate Bible studies for each. The strength of the program is a life-changing Bible study and support group led by compassionate peer counselors trained to guide and support men and women through the unique healing needed.